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Wires is the first LP by Unclean Architect. It was composed and recorded over several months in 2022/2023. An ambient soundscape filled with acoustic guitars, electric guitars and synths.

  1. The Road to Ventura *
  2. Jord
  3. Hiker **
  4. Interferences
  5. Solenoid
  6. Drained and Starved
  7. Uneven Fit
  8. Long Lost Hills

* : The Road to Ventura is dedicated to the memory of Neal Casal.
** : Hiker is dedicated to all hikers, here and beyond.

Music/Lyrics & Production: F.J.


The Forest EP is composed of barebone acoustic guitar tracks, often coming from improvised sessions, recorded over the course of 2021, arranged and mixed in 2023.

  1. Where We Come From
  2. The Cage
  3. New Grounds
  4. Three Roosters Sunshine Blues
  5. Fog
  6. Larch

Music & Production: F.J.

This EP is dedicated to the memory of Pete Huttlinger


The Cites EP contains electronic and experimental tracks composed and recorded over the course of 2021, using mainly the Polyend Tracker.
Cities is currently being mixed and will be released Spring 2023.

Music & Production: F.J.